merci la vie!

merci la vie!


I haven't updated my blog in ages, sorry!! U_U since school started and everything, I've lost a lot of motivation and time weeps, gotta make more time for drawing tho AND UPDATING THIS BLOG

aside from that I've been reading into a lot of japanese folklore lately and I wanted to pixel some of it's mythical creatures hehe, the above creatures are two onis and a kappa boy!!

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After talking to my friends and family about it, I quit cheerleading. my coach was surpsingly nice about it tho! she said I can come back whenever I want to ´//` next year or when the winter sports roll around (and i probably won't). nyways i decided i shouldn't force myself to stay in something i really don't want to stay in......... for now, time for these pom poms to take a rest. OK done rambling!!  this also means no camp for me NYEHEHEH

aside from that, i might be getting braces too........ oh no
a quick and spontanous gift for my friend kai too!
actually i hope she doesn't see it DFGDSJ it's embarrassing and crudely animated///

edit: woOOoaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA she drew me ichigo n smfj!!!!! 
i love you kiss kiss!

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I should really look up tutorials on different textures such as rocks and fire ya i am bad at both......
not that i'm going to finish this in the first place heheh, whoops two similar entries in a row

trying to learn how to crossstitch so i can make phoebe something in return for her bracelets, where to begin..

sniff sniff
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